Our Promised Land and how to stay there
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Our Promised Land and how to stay there

Paul Wright  |  10 Feb 2019

This is a wrapup of our Feb 2019 prayer and fast on 'First love, first works'. Paul summarises the encouragement of the P&F, then goes on to explain how we're now living in our own Promised Land of God's love. But...

...there are five diseases that need to be fought and won to stay here, as well as five antidotes to those diseases.

Five diseases that can remove us from the Promised Land: Complacency; Unforgiveness; Loving the world; Pride; Self-pity. 

Five antidotes for those diseases: Humility; Repentance; Determination; Boldness; Love

Paul Wright (Sydney)


‘The simple message that we are preaching, the same old Bible message, is a new message again - plain, powerful and exciting. ’ Pr Bob Beverley, Canberra